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... and another one!

I must be damned!! I just found the next show that I like and (surprise, surprise!) that got cancelled way too soon!!! :( Moonlight! ... Although it sometimes reminds me very much of FK, I really like this show! :) ... I just don't like that they cancelled it, but that's typically my so called "luck".

Oh, and I finally dared to finish the "Blood" books series about a week ago (they're really great stuff to read!!) and started a new book "The Forever War". So far, I like this one really much (even though it is completely different from what I read before).

As I've got loooots of time this week (even at work because I'm "babysitting" a new colleague and he's doing all the work) I might just finish my first story of the huuuuuge plotbunny that isn't going away. Wish me lucky because, even if I finish them in my head, I hardly ever finish a story I write down. So, please, please, please let me finish this one so that my plotbunny will shrink a little bit. :)

Ok, and now I'll start counting the minutes until I can go home: 85 .......................................................................................


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Sep. 6th, 2010 07:14 pm (UTC)
Oh, you didn't know that "Moonlight" was cancelled after the first Season? I'm sorry!

Cool! You like "The Forever War" too! =) In which "time" are you? :)

Babysitting a new colleague? Hey, that's been and will be my job for the next days/month too! :) *lol*
Sep. 7th, 2010 07:17 pm (UTC)
Weeelllll, let's put it that way: I did know that it has been cancelled after only one season before I started watching it ... but back then, I didn't know that I would like the show that much :)

Haven't read very much yet, I'm still at the very beginning: 1997 ... or 2297 as they changed the times in the version I got because "everyone knows that we haven't started an interstellar war in 1997 ...". ... Is that the case in your version, too??? I wouldn't have minded it starting in 1997, that's why it is called science FICTION it's fictional and everybody knows that :)

Yep babysitting a new colleague :( ... meaning: he's doing all the work (except maybe for an hour or so where we do the editing of the flts of the day after tomorrow ...) and I'm just watching him. He's doing well so far, so there isn't really much for me to do - which is booooriiiiing! :(
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