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that's just my "luck" ...

... you can hear the sarcasm, can't you?

Well, some time yesterday evening I discovered that I lost one of my earrings ... searched the whole condo but couldn't find it!  (and of course they aren't just any earrings, but some of my favorites) And worst about all of this is, that I haven't got a clue where I possibly lost them! They could be anywhere: the house in Lower Austria, the stables, the car, the condo ... just anywhere! Because the last time I remember having them is some time in the early afternoon.... :(

That's just so typically my luck ... or lack thereof!

But there's some good things, too!

We're almost finished unpacking our stuff!!! Only 5 boxes left! :)

The saddler was here this weekend to recheck the fit of the new saddles again and there are only a few minor changes to be made :) hopefully we'll get the saddles back this week! (yea, he had to take them with him :( ).



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Jul. 26th, 2010 07:32 pm (UTC)
Poor u! Any chance that it just went hiding in your shirt/trouser?

Wow! That was fast! Only 5 boxes left? Cool! :)

He had to take them with him? Poor u and poor Lucky!
Jul. 27th, 2010 09:10 am (UTC)
Nope, I checked everything I wore that day and the earring is still nowhere to be found :(

Yea, that's great :) but those 5 boxes are the hardest to clear out. It's mostly stuff we brought along from holidays, and things like that. And Patrick's parents already left tons of such things behind for us to sort out (cuz if we don't, we won't have anywhere left to put our things :( ).

Today we'll go shopping for a new bed and desk for my PC!! :)

Yea, he had to take the saddles with him because even if there are only minor changes to be made he has to use tools he's only got at the shop. But I still hope that we'll get the saddles back until this weekend latest! :)

'k, now I'm off "hiking" to the postoffice (yea, "hiking" lol. It isn't exactly around the corner).
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