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all alone :(

I'm home alone this weekend and am already bored! I think I'm gonna rewatch some Blood Ties DVDs later...

But for now...

One question: just how hard can it be to find a decent, english speaking (non austrian!), online radio station?? Decent meaning: not more commercials than on normal radio stations, not more or even less talking than on normal radio stations!! Decent meaning: I want music!!! (not some author talking about their latest book, a politician talking about politics, or whatever else!) ... Any suggestions??

Oh yea, something else: I've finally got a new computer (or, well, at least a new inner life for my old PC which makes it an all new one anyway) and I really loooove it!!! It's finally working again :) Doesn't take "hours" to start up, start Firefox or any other program etc. :)

I also got Windows 7 for this PC and so far I really like it. I was a little disappointed  when  I first got it with my netbook about a month ago because they only installed the starter version on the netbook and you can't really do much with that (you can't even change the desktop background), but I'm really surprised about the full version :) (ok, it cost a lot more, too, but it's really worth the money so far :) ).

I'm only a little bit annoyed with my email program (Thunderbird portable) ... it's still not really working the way it should (can't send any email adresses, gets stuck when I try to add a new email account ...). Hope that I'll be able to fix this soon!

But for now, I think I'm off, re-installing NFS World and Vampires - The Masquerade ... and then, hopefully, I won't be so bored anymore! :)


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